Six things to think about if you’re considering a career change

2 min readMay 2, 2021

I’m about to start week 17 out a 24 week frontend bootcamp and these are things I’ve learned in the process about attempting a career change.

  1. It’s scary but that doesn’t mean impossible
    If it’s something that you’re interested and passionate about you can make it happen! It takes grit and in the end is only up to you to make that change. Grit really is the keyword!
  2. It’s NOT too late!
    It’s never too late to make a change or improvement in your life. Age just means that you have more experience…
  3. Previous experience still count
    …and that experience still count and has value wherever you’re heading in your career.
  4. Don’t stay in something because you’re comfortable if you don’t enjoy it
    It’s so easy to stay just because you’re comfortable and know your current job well. But if you don’t enjoy it don’t let comfort hold you back.
  5. Challenge yourself
    If you don’t feel challenged by your current work maybe it’s time to consider a new challenge in life. We all grow by challenging ourselves and it’s a really great feeling to look back at your achievements and at daring to embrace challenges.
  6. Be proud of what you’ve done, what you’re doing and where you’re going
    It’s hard changing your path in life. Take pride in what you’ve done, making the decision to change and taking ownership of where you’re heading!

ps. If you hit a crossroad and know that you want to try new things but not what, try coding! I think many people would be surprised by the many things it has to offer :) If you’re curious try CodeCademy’s courses. I first started this path by learning basic web development at (it’s really great and they have a huge catalogue of courses) and it gave me a taste for more which eventually led to Technigo’s bootcamp.