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  1. It’s A LOT of fun

    Learning is so much fun and learning to code is even more fun :)
  2. Team work is dream work

    We’ve worked in the same team for 6 months and they’ve been such an asset, both in terms of encouragement as well as support when dealing with crazy code. And even though we’ve worked remote it’s never felt lonely. And writing code with more eyes and learning together is both better and more fun!
  3. Sometimes it’s frustrating

    But that means that when you manage it feels so much better. …

I’m about to start week 17 out a 24 week frontend bootcamp and these are things I’ve learned in the process about attempting a career change.

  1. It’s scary but that doesn’t mean impossible
    If it’s something that you’re interested and passionate about you can make it happen! It takes grit and in the end is only up to you to make that change. Grit really is the keyword!
  2. It’s NOT too late!
    It’s never too late to make a change or improvement in your life. Age just means that you have more experience…
  3. Previous experience still count
    …and that experience…

My road to professional re-invention

So I’m 30-something, with a kid. When I was in university I assumed that that was the path I would follow through my working life. But for several reasons I lost the spark I had in my previous field. I felt like I needed a new challenge in life and to try out a more creative profession. But I had no idea what I wanted to do or how to reinvent myself. …


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